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Song Writing

These Are Art Chickens

Running One
Empty Pockets
A Song
Century Waste
Wishes Made of Gold
Love Letters
End of the World
Words I Only Say to You

The Oregon Series

2008-2013, the idea was to hang out with a friend (in or from Oregon), make a video out of the footage, and write + record a song within 24 hours.  I don't know why I needed a music/video end product of the time I spent with my friends, but I hope I did not annoy them too much.


These songs remind me of the days I spent obsessing overThe Virgin Suicides, Veronica Mars, and David Lynch. Of growing up, coming home, and revisiting old haunts to hold on to a feeling slipping away.


All music is written and performed by me. I'm considering rerecording now that I play the guitar better.

A few other songs:
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